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Our story, a vivid mosaic of changes, migrations, and storms weathered with an unwavering spirit. We breathed in the storms, tasted the essence of fear and falsehoods, and emerged not just survivors, but as a testament to the resilience coursing through our veins.

In the midst of the most horrific times of history, my ancestors stood strong and powerful, guardians of a legacy that transcended generations. At the heart of this epic tale was the enduring presence of strong women, the backbone of our family, whose indomitable spirit became the main inspiration for the creations we now breathe life into.


The blood of


And so, ADRAGON was born—a manifestation of our rich history, a beacon of strength, and a symbol of the power that lies within. Each piece, a unique narrative in itself, crafted with care and purpose. We infuse every design with the same power and passion that courses through the veins of our ancestors, creating a style that resonates with the bold and daring.

Our connection to the symbolism of the Dragon runs deep, intertwining with the threads of individuality, strength, fire, and passion. A symbol that mirrors the essence of our family, a creature that soars above challenges, breathing fire into the soul of every endeavor.

In the heart of this creative endeavor stands my mother and me, two kindred spirits bound by a shared passion for fashion and fabrics. From the dance costumes of my childhood to the intricate pieces that adorned my film and choreography projects, my mother's hands have been the magic that turned my fantasies into reality.

Our creations are not mere pieces of clothing; they are statements of power and individuality. Each attire is a custom fit for those prepared to stand out, a symbol of the beginning of a daring voyage. It's not just about fashion; it's about fostering a community of like-minded souls, forging a new reality where authentic values regain their significance.

In every stitch, in every thread, there's a story waiting to be told—a story of survival, strength, and the undying flame of passion. The blood of A DRAGON courses through our veins, and those who choose our creations belong with us—the lost tribe finding home within itself. It's time to stand out in front, armed with the legacy of the past and the power to shape the future.

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